How Do You Deal With A Narcissist In Your Family!

How Do You Deal With A Narcissist In Your Family! Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those...
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Women in Networking… A Winning Combination

Women in Networking… A Winning Combination   I have been in Networking most of my life and I love it!!! It is the only way that you can work with all kinds of people and help a lot of people...
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Key Eyebrow Tutorial Tips for the Best Sculpted Look

Let’s face it – eyebrows are the first thing people see on your face. They frame your eyes, accentuate your expressions, and determine your overall style when it comes to makeup. A perfect brow arch...
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Eyes For Your Eyes – Seeing Through The World With Glasses

Do you remember the day when you found out that you needed glasses… UGH, You may as well have gagged me with a spoon and made me throw up. The thoughts of everyone making fun of you and calling you...
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Should Men Really Wear Motives Cosmetics Makeup

So has society evolved enough to accept men wearing makeup?                     Well, if you’re against a man putting on a fresh face maybe you...
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5 Incredible Coutouring Looks With Motives Cosmetics

Get the Newest, Hottest, Sexiest Look Today With Our New: Motives Mavens Sculpt Series Palette Lisa and I are so excited about our new Motives Mavens Sculpt Series palettes that was launched during...
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5 Tips To Maintain Balance In Your Relationship And Business

  Over the years I’ve seen more relationships become a “tug of war” and end because their partner didn’t agree on the others business goals and dreams. Even if your other...
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If I Don’t Know You, Why Should I Listen To You?

If I Don’t Know You, Why Should I Listen To You? Well isn’t that a powerful statement! It’s something that has baffled me for years…Through the course of history people have been...
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What To Do If You Know Your Parents Are Cheating On Each Other???

Cheating has been going on for thousands of years.                 It’s a practice that everyone else does but not you and especially not your parents, right???...
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How Would You Like To Help Others Become Wealthy?

    Let me ask you a question. How would you like to help others become wealthy? Why should I? Because if you think about it, you’re making your boss rich everyday you work for him/her.           Next...
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