If I Don’t Know You, Why Should I Listen To You?

If I Don’t Know You, Why Should I Listen To You?

Well isn’t that a powerful statement! It’s something that has baffled me for years…Through the course of history people have been deceived, manipulated, hurt, killed, gone bankrupt, even committed suicide because of another person who deceived them.

Who are you to listen to me? Are you so naive that you would fall for something I said and do it? NO! That’s a fool’s choice and unfortunately, it’s a choice too many people make and end up losing everything. Look, it’s happened to all of us, we’re so taken with choices that we don’t look into the consequences…


Let’s take buying a car for instance: There you are, knowing that you have a certain car in mind along with a certain budget that YOU can afford. Then, along comes the smooth talking salesman and “BOOM” not the car, not the price, and not the experience you wanted.

Do you know what just happened? That salesman didn’t care about you or your needs, and you ended up falling prey to him. So, who won here? Hint: not you. He got exactly what he wanted – a higher commission check at your expense.


How about that last relationship you were in that didn’t work out? Chances are you were blinded by their handsome or beautiful face and body, and then starts pretty much any relationship. I’m not saying to have surveillance put on you significant other but too many people are too quick to jump into a relationship for fear that they will never find anyone like him/her again.

There are 8 billion people on this planet, odds are there is at least one other person out there that is better than the choice you made. Please let me be clear, there are relationships that do work out. I’m one of those relationships – we’ve been together for 35 years (hard to believe), raised two amazing children and still love each other more today than the day we met (She hated me).

So why have we be together for so long? Simple, we found value in each other and know we could depend on and trust each other. This doesn’t come overnight but getting to know someone is a critical factor to how your life will turn out.

Why Should I Listen To You???

O.K. enough about relationships… Here is why I originally wrote this article.


As we go through life, we all have dreams, goals and aspirations of becoming successful. Have a career, eventually settle down and just live a good life. But for so many of us, life hits us hard.

It didn’t turn out the way we planned and now we’re in so deep that you wonder if you’ll ever get out of the situation you’re in. So what do you do? Look for options? Now here’s the brutally honest part of this article… In walks the next smooth talker offering you riches, income and cars like you’ve seen on TV and never thought you could have. “It’s easy, just become part of ‘The Team’ and we’ll take it from there.”

The truth is more times than not you have been scammed and out of desperation, you made a bad business decision. I’m just here to make you aware of future decisions and to have a different perspective when making big choices.

Donald Trump would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER make a final business decision by looking at a company on the internet. Google is a great resource but that’s no way to research something you want to change your financial structure with.

My advice is to first form a relationship with whoever is offering you an opportunity. Second, find value for you, not him (remember the car guy). Most people unfortunately just want to recruit you and have nothing else to offer. That’s grounds for another disaster. There are some great Network Marketing Companies out there, so your job is to find one that fits in with your lifestyle, not some one else’s.

I can’t even count the number of times people have approached me and wanted me to “GET IN.” From my experience being a business owner and entrepreneur all my life I was able to go the extra step and fine out the information and see if it fit “ME.” When none of them did, I walked away.

Then one day, someone approached me with a new concept I’d never seen before. A doable business that was truly part time from home and actually paid us handsomely (No lie). It is a business that fit our lifestyle. I’m so glad I was able to say no so many times before because I found the pearl in the oyster.

I hope I’ve opened your eyes to finding something that will bring happiness and value to your life. Next time someone offers you something that sounds too good to be true, take a step back and see if it’s for you. Research the company, make sure it’s a fit and that you can TRUST the person who you are dealing with. I wish you well and “No Regrets” in your next life changing decision.

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Now go out and starting making your dreams come true, not someone else’s…

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