Women in Networking… A Winning Combination

I have been in Networking most of my life and I love it!!! It is the only way that you can work with all kinds of people and help a lot of people all the time and I do enjoy people and the stories they tell of the lives they have lead.  Today I am 59 years old and currently own businesses that I have built from home.  I have been married to an amazing man for 32 years this may 2013, have raised 2 amazing sons James and Blake who at 29 and 26 fill my life with lots of pride and I fully enjoy all my time with them.  I also have a gorgeous step daughter who came into my life when she was 2 and she is now married with a step daughter of her own which means not only am I a Mother-in-law but a Grandmother!!   I am currently taking care of both my parents who now live with us in their own apartment the lower level of our home that is about 8000 square feet, I say this because, yes, I clean it!  I really would not want anyone else cleaning my house… that’s just me.  In the past I volunteered at every school function, been a room mother,attended school functions sporting events and if I could be a team mother I was.  Three years ago we bought the dog of my dreams .  A beautiful yellow English Lab named Logan, who I care for mostly, and try to walk him each day.

Juggle, Juggle Juggle and Networking All At The Same Time…teri_juggle

I still cook, do laundry, have friends, entertain, not as much as I would like to. Do Holiday Dinners  along with decorating and shopping.   Oh, and by the way, one of the businesses I built is a chocolate business so if you think it is not a challenge around the holidays, think again…  I have never had a nanny, babysitter, cleaning woman. or would I want one.  I will never have those typical health problems because I do not choose to keep my feeling pent up.  I am not abrasive, but lets just say if you ask me how I am feeling or ask for my opinion you will get a honest answer.  I am probably one of the best listeners I know and I am proud of it because most people are not.  My attitude is realistic/optimistic, I am always thankful for another day, for what I have accomplished and where I am in the journey to where I am going.  I always tell my husband the journey is more important than the  destination, so we are enjoying every phase and always have.

I take this time to give you my Bio not to brag or boast-I already told you I am honest- but to inspire the women out there who may be wondering what to do and how to do it and where to fit it in..  Let me tell you ladies,  I have always juggled a lot of balls and  I would not have it any other way.  It is what drives me, I like to feel I have accomplished something and have made a difference with my days.  I have always been well aware of how precious my time is and have always believed as I write this I am younger than I will be when I finish.  No drama, just fact.   So I hope you follow along to see that all things are possible if you make a decision to just get it done.

I was brought up in a very traditional Italian family I had a brother 5 years younger and a sister 2 years older.  I attended college to become a teacher and worked in the Brookline, Mass. school system when I graduated in 1977.  I loved these years and the connections I made along the way I am still in touch with some of my students today, got to love Facebook. These were great years and as a young energetic Teacher  I knew at the end of the day I was making a difference in the young lives of my students I loved teaching because I believe children are our future and to be with them daily was such a happy, uplifting atmosphere … You cannot experience the innocence of a child unless you work alongside  them and help them learn.

My Life As An Alien While Networking…

Fast forward several years and now I am a consultant, math tutor and Instructor at a Technical School and left it all because my husband and I had decided that when we started our family I would stay home  to raise our children.  I did just that but more, because a couple of months later I got interested in chocolate and began to build my first home based business, networking all along to find my next account.  And it built from there all the while watching an infant for our friends and taking care of our two sons, filling chocolate orders, and doing all else to maintain a house and a business as it grew.  Juggle, juggle, juggle.

I am sure you are getting the idea, yes, I am an Alien.  But believe me I loved it all and never wasted my time stressing about the “how” but just did it.  Always thankful that I was able to be home raising our sons.

Women are amazing multi-taskers we are able to manage many things effectively and many emotions at the same time. We are nurturers by nature and are use to getting things done.  We are natural Net-workers, developing never ending connections that are made along the way.  We are willing to take the time it takes to help others along the way, to listen and change schedules at the blink of an eye to fit one more thing in.  We have never had the luxury to not be flexible, because we don’t do one thing at a time, we do many things at the same time.  Some of us do it better than others and looking on you may not realize how much of an accomplishment we have made because we are so smooth and do things seamlessly and we make it look easy  because we derive pleasure and take pride in just getting it done.

The networking aspect is ever present because within each day as a mom/woman you have worn many hats and talked to many people to get from point A-B-C to accomplish the tasks at hand.  The next day we do it all again if need be.

I have maintained a busy challenging life in Network Marketing but I am here to tell you and most of all inspire you that where there is a will there is a way.  I know as a woman you can adapt to networking because it is second nature to you and can be done alongside what you do already.  Consider building a Network Marketing Business because I know it will provide you with the balance you may be striving for in your life and the additional time you may want to spend with your young family.  I encourage every woman to pursue a Network Marketing Business and I would love to speak to whoever may be serious about it.    My phone number is available to you when you go to www.jimandlisasama.com.

Stay tuned for my next blog about women in network marketing and why I believe it is a winning combination.

Best, Lisa Monica Sama


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