Should Men Really Wear Motives Cosmetics Makeup

So has society evolved enough to accept men wearing makeup?

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Well, if you’re against a man putting on a fresh face maybe you should reconsider…

Men have been wearing cosmetics since the Egyptians found that Kohl could help deflect the heat of the sun from their faces in the blistering heat.

Fast forward to current day you have to admit, there are just as many vain men out there as women. I come from a Profession where vanity was a huge part of my life. Owning a salon for 27 years made me understand that vanity comes in all sexes…

If you don’t think that men are just as nervous before going out on a date for the first time as a woman is you’re mistaken. Although sometimes a man’s intentions may be different as far a where he wants the evening to go there is still a common thread between he and his date. That thread is to look as dashing and handsome for his date as he possibly can.

Men want to look nice and now they are turning to women and traditional female products to find ways to look better.

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Guys are getting into makeup and grooming more than ever. Last year, men spent around $2.5 billion on skincare and cosmetics. And more than $5 billion was spent on men’s  grooming products in the United States in 2013, more than double the $2.4 billion the guys spent back in 1997.

A man’s routine although different that a woman’s still consists of making sure that all of his features are up to par. For instance, his eyebrow hairs are cut with no 2″ long hairs coming out, his nose hairs are groomed and cut so nothing is protruding, his ear hairs are cut and let’s not forget his skin… Often time a man will have some sort of blemish or mark on this face that has to be attended to before his big night out so I’m saying there’s nothing wrong with putting a little concealer and matching blush on to hide his imperfections to finish off his look. Motives Cosmetics gives you that perfect look that otherwise make for an imperfect look.

So before you say No to makeup on a man, just remember that any one of your idol’s wear some sort of makeup. From tv celebrities, movie stars news anchors to you just wanting to look your best. It doesn’t make you any less of a man because you wear makeup. In fact, the more appealing you are as a man the more appealing you are to someone looking at you.

Makeup has no sex. The days of being embarrassed about a man wearing makup are over. We have evolved…

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