How Do You Deal With A Narcissist In Your Family!

How Do You Deal With A Narcissist In Your Family! Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those...
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Women in Networking… A Winning Combination

Women in Networking… A Winning Combination   I have been in Networking most of my life and I love it!!! It is the only way that you can work with all kinds of people and help a lot of people...
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5 Tips To Maintain Balance In Your Relationship And Business

  Over the years I’ve seen more relationships become a “tug of war” and end because their partner didn’t agree on the others business goals and dreams. Even if your other...
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How Would You Like To Help Others Become Wealthy?

    Let me ask you a question. How would you like to help others become wealthy? Why should I? Because if you think about it, you’re making your boss rich everyday you work for him/her.           Next...
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Follow Your Heart, It Will Always Get You to Where You Are Meant To Be

Today was one of those days to take care of unfinished business.  One of those days that does not occur too often because of the pace we all seem to have to keep up with in our daily lives, but for me...
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Six Words You Should Say Today

Very rarely does one sentence have immediate impact on me. Very rarely does one sentence change the way I interact with my family. But this one did. It was not from Henry Thoreau...
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I Was A Fool To Listen To Someone Else Instead Of Myself!!!

              Have you ever looked at your life and said, I want more. I want better for myself. I don’t want to be like the masses of people who follow like a...
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She Told Me, “You have A Figure Like An Hour Glass” ….. My Perspective on Time And Self Image

              It has been a long time since I was a High School Student and I am sure a lot of you can recall all the many struggles we had with our self image…...
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It Is Only The Beginning, Blogging With A Mom’s Entrepreneural View…

It Is Only The Beginning, Blogging With A Mom’s Entrepreneural View…   This will be the first of many Blogs for me… I read an article about “blogging” some 20 years ago and honestly...
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Do You Still Have the Same Core Values As An Adult???

Where Have Your Core Values Gone!!! Have you ever seen the little children in undeveloped, impoverished countries on the news? Notice how happy they seem, unless they are starving or sick (which many of...
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