5 Tips To Maintain Balance In Your Relationship And Business


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Over the years I’ve seen more relationships become a “tug of war” and end because their partner didn’t agree on the others business goals and dreams. Even if your other half is not supportive in your mission you still have to maintain a sense of balance and understanding while you are pursuing your dream. Believe me, I understand that it can be very difficult. but if you believe in your “Dream” and “Your Relationship” then you have to find a way to “Balance Both.” Relationships are about give and take, so which path will you choose, The US-WE path or the I-ME path, the choice is yours…


5 Tips To Maintain Balance In Your Relationship And Business

1. We Have Two Ears And One Mouth For A Reason

One of the reasons we have two ears and one mouth is to listen twice as much as we talk (especially guys). Your ears are never closed, so you will always be able to hear what is being said but listening and paying attention with the goal of understanding what the other person is saying is a totally different skill. Actually listening involves maintaining eye contact, watching their body to see if they are becoming more uptight or more relaxed as they deliver their message.

Listening involves repeating information back to the person to make sure you have ‘get what they’re saying’. When you listen properly you will not become as defensive if it’s something that you understand as a potential ‘criticism’.


2. It Takes Two To Argue

The dictionary definition of an argument is ‘an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one’. The key word for me here is exchange. The word exchange means that two people have to be involved. If you remove yourself from this equation of opposite views then it’s impossible be an argument anymore. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your partner or a work colleague; you can take control and turn the argument into a discussion where you can see the situation through their eyes and turn the argument into a discussion with an actual resolution at the end of it, rather than two angry people going nowhere.


3. Think About What You Say Before You Say It

I know that the above approach sounds great in theory but what action can you take to make it a reality. When I feel myself on the verge of what could potentially be an argument with someone I love or a peer I think to myself  B.P.T.R which stands for Breathe, Pause, Think, and Respond. If you were totally honest with yourself; if you used this technique in your last ‘encounter’ you had, chances are it wouldn’t have happened. Most arguments escalate to the next level because you react and say something that ten minutes later you wish that you hadn’t said. True or true? Do this yourself and you’ll notice huge improvements with all of your interactions with other people and most importantly, those you love.

Next time you find yourself in a situation where someone in your life says something that could create ‘an argument’ where you just want to ‘snap’…BREATHE – take the oxygen in that will allow you think clearly. PAUSE – allow your mind to take control. THINK – let the most useful  ‘objected-focused’ response come to you and only then should you RESPOND.


4. Little Daily Acts Of Affection

Sometimes, little things can make difference. Don’t lose site of doing something EVERY DAY that have little or zero cost that really can really make your partner feel special. Introduce daily passion (even if it’s a kiss), this will keep you conscious of your relationship as well and long-term success which is inevitable.

Write a note every day, with a message of love, appreciation and gratitude. It’s imperative  to make sure you make a ‘big deal’ out of the first time  you see your partner at the end of each day. Turn off the TV, phone or computer and jump up and give them a big  kiss that says “I Love You and Missed You Today.” This may sound like an amazingly simple idea but trust me, it will make all of the difference for the both of you.


5. Share Your Goals With Each Other

You seem to have goals for everything except what could be the most imperative… Your lifelong goal, to be both happy in your relationship and successful in your business…

In any relationship it’s easy to get ‘uncomfortably comfortable’, however, this isn’t a healthy state to be in and what was once a beautiful relationship can begin to slide away. So now it’s up to you to set that relationship goal. Set a goal to take your partner on a weekend away, have a designated date night (even if it’s for pizza and a movie at home) or buy them flowers once a month. What you do isn’t as important as committing to actually doing something.

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