Key Eyebrow Tutorial Tips for the Best Sculpted Look

Let’s face it – eyebrows are the first thing people see on your face. They frame your eyes, accentuate your expressions, and determine your overall style when it comes to makeup. A perfect brow arch...
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Eyes For Your Eyes – Seeing Through The World With Glasses

Do you remember the day when you found out that you needed glasses… UGH, You may as well have gagged me with a spoon and made me throw up. The thoughts of everyone making fun of you and calling you...
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5 Incredible Coutouring Looks With Motives Cosmetics

Get the Newest, Hottest, Sexiest Look Today With Our New: Motives Mavens Sculpt Series Palette Lisa and I are so excited about our new Motives Mavens Sculpt Series palettes that was launched during...
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